WebDAV sync with Zimbra in android app

Hello! I am using Joplin mobile client for Android version 2.8.1. I have been syncing to the cloud using nextcloud (version 23) and that has worked great for me since I started using it. I turned a friend onto Joplin and he is trying to sync to his Briefcase on a Zimbra mail server running version 8.8.15_P33. We used the WebDAV URL in the zimbra client as suggested and had no luck.

The Zimbra client suggested the WebDAV URL of: https ://host.example.tld/home/user@example.tld/Briefcase/Joplin - after we created the Joplin folder in the Briefcase. The errors always suggest userID or password issue, the specific error we see is "PROPFIND: Unknown error 2 (401): (Code 401)". But the login id and password are correct. We checked that a few times by logging into the webmail client with the same credentials.

I looked around a few pages and found one user had success, so we copied his URL format: https
://host.example.tld/dav/user@example.tld/Briefcase/Joplin but still get the same errors. Even tried another account to rule out bad password or ID. So after trying a few mixed versions of /home/user@example.tld/Briefcase vs /home/user/Briefcase and /dav/user with no luck, I thought I would post here and see if anyone has had success syncing to Zimbra WebDAV with Joplin. If we figure it out, I will post back here. Thanks!

So after a lot of reading on the zimbra forums, going over the error messages in the log and some futzing around with the URL format I figured it out. In case anyone needs to sync with Zimbra email platforms, what it came down to was using %40 in place of the @ symbol. I saw it in the log, so I thought why not try it in the URL string, and it worked.

The standard WebDAV URL for Zimbra is: https://ZIMBRA-SERVER/dav/USER@DOMAIN/Briefcase/Joplin

But what worked with no errors: https://ZIMBRA-SERVER/dav/USER%40DOMAIN/Briefcase/Joplin

Just to be sure: I would NOT recommend using http if https is supported! If you insist to use http, you should definitely consider using end-to-end encryption.

Thanks for catching my typo! Yes, use https://

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