Webclipper in Brave/Chrome: Doesn't work on PDFs


Just started using Joplin as an attempt to keep a handle on things at work. So far I really like it. One tiny issue I can’t find in the documentation or elsewhere on forum.

The web-clipper doesn’t work when with PDFs in Brave browser. Error:

The Joplin extension is not available on this tab due to: tabsExecuteScript: Cannot load {“file”:"/content_scripts/JSDOMParser.js"}: Cannot access a chrome-extension:// URL of different extension

This is the URL of any PDF opened in Brave:
So it’s saying you can’t use 2 extensions at the same time I think.

I don’t have any extension installed for PDFs. Is this some system Brave/Chrome has for viewing PDFs? Never noticed it before in any browser. I can’t find anything about it.

Any way to get around it?

(The reason I don’t use Firefox is that I am segregating 2 different kinds of activities per browser… firefox is doing other things with other accounts and other services. And the containers feature won’t solve it for me. So I’m going to have to figure it out for Brave, or be unable to access the extremely useful feature.)

Thanks for your time!

The web clipper is for clipping HTML pages, not PDF files, so I am pretty sure that your use case is invalid.
The clipper was never designed to read anything else but HTML.

I think Brave uses a pdf extension internally, if that is interfering with Joplin you might be stuck. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about extensions to say anything.

Oh. I thought I read somewhere that PDF was supported but I am not not able to find anything to that effect.

PDF is supported as an attachment. Joplin does not read PDF and convert to text like some other apps do. That has been submitted as a feature request.

I have a use-case where I would like to download the PDF and store it as an attachment to a joplin note by use of the web-clipper. It would be a small win if I could at least clip the URL of the PDF and store it in a note the way URL of a regular web page can be stored. I am not interested in clipping any content of the PDF. Either download and store as attachment, or create a new note with the URL to the PDF.
So far I am getting the message that the extension is not available on a tab with pdf-viewer in firefox.

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