Web clipper dialog not visible in firefox

For some time now, when I click the Joplin web clipper in Firefox, only a faint line appears above the area where I'd expect the pop-up dialog to appear.

I just upgraded from Firefox 112.0.2 to 113, and it made no difference. I also haven't made other changes. I am using Windows 10, Joplin 2.10.17, and the extension version is 2.11.2.

Any idea why it happens and what I can do to restore the functionality of the web clipper?

Could you check if WebClipper does not work with LibreWolf - #3 by dpoulton works for you?

Thank you. Setting privacy.resistFingerprinting to false fixed it.

For some reason I hadn't found that previous thread before posting my message.

It is disappointing, I don't want to disable that feature of Firefox. But I understand from Laurent's answer there that it is a Firefox issue rather than a problem with the clipper.

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