Web Clipper captures cookie warning instead of page content

Experiencing an issue where the Joplin Web Clipper (using the 'Clip simplified page') is only clipping the obligatory cookie warning content and not the actual page content for this website: https://www.getkisi.com/blog/smart-locks-hacked-bluetooth-ble

  • I had previously acknowledged (accepted) the cookie warning banner

  • All clipper options seem to work fine, except the simplified option. Further, when inspecting the dev console, all of the page content appears to be present.

  • Version Joplin Portable on Windows 10 Professional Build 20279 and Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

2020-12-23 10:18:24: "Request (1608736704108): Downloading images: 3"
2020-12-23 10:18:24: "Request (1608736704108): Creating resources from paths: 3"
2020-12-23 10:18:24: "Request (1608736704108): Saving note..."
2020-12-23 10:18:24: "Request (1608736704108): Created note 04039f8ca1fb407ea5a16f86e64bdb5c"
2020-12-23 10:18:24: "Scheduling sync operation...", "30000"
2020-12-23 10:18:34: "SearchEngine: Updating FTS table..."
2020-12-23 10:18:35: "Saving settings..."
2020-12-23 10:18:35: "Settings have been saved."
2020-12-23 10:18:35: "SearchEngine: Updated FTS table in 100ms. Inserted: 1. Deleted: 0"

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