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Include a link to source webpage when clipping from web

I mostly use Joplin as a web clipper, and while it works great for that purpose, I sometimes need to go back and access the webpage in question. It would be great to have some way to include a link back to the page within the note itself.

The way I’ve been doing it (manually) is as a header, like so, and a plugin or an option/checkbox to do something similar would be great:

(sample page)

If this is an option somewhere already and I missed it, let me know.

Please press the Info button, the URL is there.

Oh dang, it is! Thanks, I never noticed that. Disregard this then!

No problem, it’s one of the most asked questions so I think we should tweak the app a bit to make this info panel more obvious.

I see a FAQ entry coming up. :wink: