Webclipper: Add URL automatically at the end of the page

Please add the URL of the clipped page automatically at the end of the page

I believe I mentioned this before (and I think I recall your username), that you have to click on image


Sorry for necroposting, but I believe it's worth it.

I was about to create a feature request and open a discussion about it. But then I've found this topic.

IMHO it's not that obvious, that the URL gets captured. I've been using Joplin for more than a year now and I learned this only now.

So this looks more like an UX issue: how can we reassure the user, that the link is saved as well?


Note properties have existed since the beginning of Joplin. You could always edit most of the fields in that pop-up, including the URL.

I think it is even mentioned in the documentation that the clipper saves the URL as meta data and is available via the Note properties.

If not, we can certainly add that. Not sure how you would assure via the UI that the link was also saved. IMO, it's logical. But people don't seem to read the documentation. That's the main problem. Maybe a FAQ entry?

Perhaps we could borrow from Evernote since they also save the URL. Is it more obvious in their UI?