Search functionality in Joplin

Neat plugin! Here's what I like about it compared to Goto Anything:

  • Shows all matches inside notes (sometimes many more than Goto Anything)
  • Can show many more notes at once compared to the overlay
  • Collapsible notes afford hiding irrelevant matches
  • Multiple notes can be visited without having to redo the search, like the built-in search bar

Here are some feature requests:

  1. Can the search bar be focused upon showing the panel?
  2. If the above is too invasive, can a keyboard shortcut be added to focus the search bar?
  3. Can a plugin settings page option be added to preserve search results when hiding the panel?
  4. Can clicking a note's result line scroll to where it's located in the note, like how HTML anchors work?

This post, like the one it replies to, should be moved into its own thread in the Plugins category.

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