Voluble reads Joplin notifications out loud

This may be of interest to Joplin users who are also users of GNOME:
Voluble is a GNOME shell extension that reads Joplin notifications (TO-DO alarms) out loud with human-like voice using the neural TTS engine Piper.

Not missing a to-do notification from Joplin has always been of concern to me. Having them read to me even when away from the computer is what this extension accomplishes (along with many other pleasant side effects). The extension features a mute setting and I am making it aware of the system-wide "Do not Disturb" setting so that it does not speak "out of order".
A demo video can be found here: voluble/joplin-example.md at main · QuantiusBenignus/voluble · GitHub

Of course, for all of this to work, basic Joplin notification functions must work: