Spoken notification at startup with To-Dos due today

NOTE: For Linux users (CLI or desktop app, possibly on GNOME)

Now that my Joplin notifications are read out-loud with almost-human voice thanks to
Voluble whenever Joplin is on, I considered the cases where I have not yet started Joplin for whatever reason (automatic startup of an Electron app is not my favorite thing and yes, there are a few days when I do not fire up Joplin).
Let's say at the start of my desktop day, I would like to get an idea of the Joplin To-Dos which have alarms set for the next 12 hours. So, for those cases, I reach directly into the database with one of the scripts joplintoday.py or joplintoday.sh and create a summary notification like this one:

which is then read out-loud with one of the pleasant voices of Voluble. One of the above scripts (recommend the python one ) is called at desktop startup.
This is by no means a standard workflow and the environment probably applies to a minority of the user base. But if your OS/Desktop/App match mine, feel free to try them.

NB: I have no idea if this will work with a database encrypted from Joplin (it seems for now, on Linux, having other means of encryption - say, whole disk, is better anyway.)