VIew problems on iPad

FIrst off, love the idea of an open source note app. I’ve been looking into note taking and to-do tracking solutions for a while, but nothing has really stood out as solving every problem well. I’ve had some ideas of in this space so I started preliminary work on my own cross platform application that I figured I’d update to suit my own needs - but then someone mentioned the Joplin project and it might actually make more sense for me to contribute to open source rather than build only for myself.

Anyway, I’ve got the iOS version 10.0.47 on a 6th generation iPad and it’s not going brilliantly so far. When I add a To-do, the screen goes to just a thin blue bar at the top and a checkbox in the top left corner, with no other controls. Turning to the screen usually re-renders everything correctly, but sometimes it doesn’t and I’m left with no usable controls or display. Sometimes the back button on sync button causes this to happen - it’s not entirely obvious what the common factor is. Also, sometimes the edit/add button is there as a display component, but too close to the top of the screen and the menu items it spawns then appear partially above the top of the display.

Yes, I have the same problem. It happens when searching for notes. This makes the app quite unusable on iPhone.

See here for solutions: iOS - UI Glitch - White Screen Blocks Text · Issue #4980 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub