Vertical line in split editor


I'm using Ohmine-Dark-Theme but made a few changes because the header font in the viewer was to big as it was in some other places. But it was then when I restartet Joplin that the following appeared.

On the left, marked with purple, there is sometimes a vertical line as if there was a slider. A few times it helped when I disabled the "Folding in Code Mirror Editor" plugin. But no more.

Yesterday even the font of the notebook list was suddenly much bigger even if I didn't change a thing in the CSSs.

On the right the purple marking shows the line spaceing/height in the viewer that seems suddenly to be heigher than before. And again I didn't change any corresponding value in the CSSs.

Any suggestions where went what wrong?

Asking greetings

Here another example. I just installed the plugin CodeMirror Line Numbers and that happend.

I never tested if the Ohmine-Dark-Theme is the culprit

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