Version 142 refresh issue when using the markdown emoji plugin

Latest joplin version (142)
OS Manjaro Linux (KDE desktop)
Markdown emoji enabled

When using triple single quote in order to add some code, or when using one single quote, to do the same, both layout start jumping while a write inside the quotes. This behaviour only happens when the scroll bar is needed. This constant jumping is quite annoying when you have quite a lot of this quoted text, as the more you have, the more it jumps. Solution is just deactivate the plugin, but I consider this should be fixed at some point.

Thanks and great new release!!

I’ll take a look at this and see if it’s something that can be fixed easily. Unfortunately the emoji plugin is a third party plugin and we might have to wait for an upstream bugfix. We could probably label it as unstable for people that want to use it anyways.

If it causes this kind of issues, we might have to at least temporarily remove it, as it can be hard for most users to figure out that it’s this plugin that’s causing the scroll jump.

hi @ferent I’m trying to reproduce this issue but I’m not seeing the same bug as you. Can you create a test file where you are able to reproduce this then send it to me here?

I couldn’t reproduce this on macOS either. I’m also waiting for a test file.