Using Joplin with a graphics tablet

Because of arthritis in my hands I use a graphics tablet instead of a mouse - always. The tablet seems to be too sensitive for Joplin. Multiple times a day when I edit something I get messages like this one:

I then have to click on Cancel but I didn't want to do a custom sort order.

Bug or feature or stupidity?

Another variation when I try to click on a Notebook:

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Those error windows usually show up when one tries to move item in note list or side bar. I don't quite get how else you might run into them without trying to do that.

So, if you have such option, could you maybe record the video showing typical actions that force the messages to pop up?

Also, what version of Joplin you use? (Help -- About -- Copy)

I'll try to make a recording.

Using the latest version on High Sierra:

This occasionally happens to me when I click on a note or notebook to highlight it but ever-so-slightly move my mouse at the same time. This is normally because my mouse is still moving as I left-click. It then triggers the "move / sort" dialogs. I would guess that the minimum movement required to trigger the action is not much and adding a few more pixels to the tolerence (if that can be done) would reduce accidental activations.

Yup, that seems to be the problem. If my stylus isn't quite vertical then Joplin sees a drag instead of a click.

My old High Sierra has tracking speed and double-click speed to adjust what is seen as drag and as double-click:

Joplin is doing something different than other apps.

I did a bug report: Error message "Cannot move notebook to this location" or "To manually sort the notes..." multiple times a day when clicking · Issue #7720 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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