Userstyle.css does not seem to work in Windows 10

I created userstyle.css in .config\joplin-desktop as specified in the documentation, but Joplin is not responding to any changes I make in the CSS file. Isn’t rendering supposed to change real time, as the CSS file is updated? I’ve tried to restart the application to no avail.

Anything I’m missing here?

I’m running version 1.0.143 on Windows 10. Thanks!

Changes don’t happen in real time, they require you to restart the application for them to take effect. Are you sure that you’re actually closing the app? Often Joplin is only closing to the app tray, but you must fully exit the app for userstyle changes to apply.

Fully closing (via the tray) then restarting Joplin was the key. Thank you so much!