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Joplin for Desktop 2.9.17 (prod, darwin) on a MacBook pro running Ventura.

I am brand new to Joplin after long and sometimes disastrous experiments with Evernote, Noteshelf, Apple Notes and a few other apps. Joplin has everything I need, but there are some basic issues I haven't figured out despite searching here an other places.

In different places I've seen references to userstyle.css, but I can't figure out where the css files are stored, and what exactly is being styled. Can someone point me to documentation on this? It would be much appreciated.

I have other questions but this is the important one for now. Many thanks.


Thank you for the quick and very clear response.

Just a comment, but it would really be nice to have the Rich Text editor mentioned in that guide as well (or at least stated clearly which CSS file its styling belongs to) :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I mean feel free, its a wiki post so anyone can add that detail.

I have added a header "Markdown Editor and Viewer Pane" as well as a "Rich-Text Editor" section and I have separated the bit on how to identify the CSS elements, hopefully to make it a bit clearer.

At the time it was written you could not alter how the Rich-text editor looked using CSS. I was not aware you now could and as I do not use the Rich-text editor I have never tried it since. If it is now possible please feel free to add it to the wiki page. However could you please add it in its own "Rich-Text Editor" section rather than re-write everything? Thanks.

Edited - Because I changed the wiki page a bit more...

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Honestly, I'm not sure the Rich Text editor deserves its own paragraph (since finding the elements and editing the CSS files is exactly the same), however here is my attempt of a screenshot in the same style as the current one, just for the Rich Text editor.

Please feel free to add it to the Wiki if suitable :slightly_smiling_face:.


@tomasz86 thanks for the picture. I have edited the wiki page and included your image as well as your suggestion not to have a Rich-text editor section.

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