Use terminal app just to export a backup from a bash script without touching the notes folder


I am using the Linux .appimage app and I decided to create a bash script to make regular backups of my notes.
The desktop app is using the File system sync with a specific folder (e.g. /data/Joplin/).
I downloaded the terminal application and configured it to use /data/Joplin/ as path.
Now I understood that I need to run:

joplin sync
joplin e2ee decrypt
joplin --log-level debug export --format jex "$BACKUP_DIR/export.jex"

But first the question is: is there a way to use the terminal app in a kind of “read-only mode”, in a way that it just “read” the notes I always edit and synchronize with the desktop app only with the goal of just exporting the updated data as JEX file?
The things is that I am just worried that running joplin sync may accidentally dirty my /data/Joplin/ notes folder.


It’s not possible, but normally it’s safe to do what you plan to do. If just doing “joplin sync” / “joplin e2ee decrypt” was modifying the remote notes, it would be a huge bug that would have be known (and fixed) by now.

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