Images references local paths

Hi, I've encountered an issue with displaying images that were added to notes. They are showing as following:

I would of expected the images to of backed up to Joplin Cloud following the 10mb note limit. However it appears that the notes are referring to a local link. This means that the images are (a) not backed up and (b) won't display on another device.

Can you confirm if this is as intended?


Version info:
Joplin 2.5.12 (prod, win32)

Client ID: fe133a5031924b12ad705d760c0cc67a
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 884b86f

One distinction here I feel is important to mention is that Joplin Cloud (and all of the other sync targets) is not a backup, it serves to sync data between clients but should not be relied upon as a backup solution.

What is the actual markdown text behind that resource name? What client are you seeing it on? (I assume it works on client 1 where it was uploaded and you are viewing this on a different one).

Yes that's right, on the client the images were originally added I see a local file path such as 'file:///C:/Users/xxx/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/e88aebe73fd244c0aa6120859849e9f2.png'. However, on any other client it fails to find the image, as you'd expect with local file paths.

I guess backup was the wrong choice of wording but I did expect images to sync alongside the notes. Thus becoming a poor man's backup across devices (if they are synced).

I can explore hosting the images separately and sharing the URLs, it's just not something I was expecting to run into.

How were the images originally attached?

The normal way of having attached markdown images is via the resource syntax which would be ![e88aebe73fd244c0aa6120859849e9f2.png]e88aebe73fd244c0aa6120859849e9f2.png if you just paste a copy into the editor. This will obviously work with everything as all the resources are stored in .config/joplin-desktop/resources

The images were copy/cut and pasted in. This has resulted in valid markdown such as ![de582269b12fe98d6bd9e0854951352c.png](file:///C:/Users/xxx/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/52604b0660eb43708b2003abbe3bd0e5.png).

Do you think this is a bug then? I have double-checked and they are not visible on any device other than the original.

Yeah that doesn't seem correct. If you remove the file path from the link, leaving only the reference as in my previous post does the image still work?

Also are you able to replicate this on the most recent version of Joplin? Can you paste the exact replication steps of pasting the image?
If I simply open an image on Windows, copy it (the image rather than the file) and paste it then I get a properly formatted markdown reference.
Same thing happens if I drag a file directly into the editor.

I think 2.6 has a fix for this

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