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Updating the keymap service specification

@tessus, @anjulalk, I think the keymap service pull request is quite close to be merge-able. I’ve just noticed a minor issue on the test units but the rest of it is pretty good.

One thing that would be useful is to update the spec to describe exactly how the feature works, and what it supports, from a user point of view. I remember you’ve discussed most of this already and it would be good to have it all in one place. It would also help testing the feature once the editor is in place.

For example, some of the items I have in mind:

  • It should be possible to have a separate config per platform
  • It should be possible to override a default shortcut
  • It should be possible to disable a default shortcut
  • It should be possible to clear a change to go back to the default shortcut
  • You can’t have two shortcuts for the same action (or can you?)
  • You can’t have the same shortcut for two different actions
  • etc.

Basically a clear list of features that will be supported by the service. If you could create this list @anjulalk that would be great, and @tessus if you notice any feature that’s missing or incorrect please let us know.


I see why something like this would be very useful. I’ll start working on it.

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