KeymapService specification

Below are the list of features supported by KeymapService.

Provide seperate keymaps for each platform

It should be possible to have seperate default keymaps for each platform.
By having seperate keymaps, each keymap layout can theoriticaly be fine-tuned so that it feels familiar with that environment.

Allow overriding the default keymap

It should be possible to,

  • Change a keyboard shortcut
  • Disable a keyboard shortcut
  • Reset a keyboard shortcut to its default value

Remember the changes

It should be possible to synchronize the changes with a file on the disk, so that the changes are saved.

Validate keymap configuration

It shouldn’t be possible to,

  • Have invalid keyboard shortcuts
  • Have invalid command names
  • Have the same keyboard shortcut for two or more different commands
  • Have two different keyboard shortcuts for the same command

Thanks for the information @anjulalk. Regarding this action:

Please could you clarify how to perform this action with your current UI? Is there a test to cover this particular case?

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To disable a shortcut, the user should first click on the current shortcut to open the shortcut recorder, and then clear the shortcut in the editor. Pressing either the Delete or Backspace key will clear it. After clearing the shortcut, performing a save by clicking on Save button or hit Enter key will disable the shortcut.

If this approach is not appropriate please let me know and I’ll change it. Thanks!

Apologies if I'm un-informed on this, although I've ready most posts on this topic.
Is there a comprehensive document on how to install and manage Keyboard Shortcuts?

My goal is to have shortcuts to insert a Horizontal Line, or change text to H1/H2/H3 without having to use the toolbar.