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Week 10: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve worked on the main functionality of the keyboard shortcut editor

Integration with KeymapService and CommandService

The shortcut editor retrieves keymap configuration and shortcut labels from the above services and present it to the user.

Saving the changes and reflecting them throughout the application

Users can change, disable or reset a shortcut for some command from the editor. Any changes to the keymap are saved to keymap-desktop.json file located in the profile directory. Menus are also refreshed to use the updated shortcut.

Invalid keymap configurations are notified to the user as warnings. (Error messages will be improved later to be more user-friendly


Simple search feature for keyboard shortcuts

Users can search for some specific command without scrolling down to locate it.


@anjulalk are going to push any updates soon?

Yes, I’ll push the requested changes of the PR within the next day. It look me longer than I expected as there was some tricky issues to solve.

good to heat that but why you haven’t replied to @tessus and @laurent messages?

Sorry about that. I’ll reply now.