Update Joplin with Profile intact

I just updated to v1.0.201 (Win10x64) and was alarmed to see all my notes missing… until I realized that the update replaced all my shortcuts to launch Joplin with a the default application launch path.

However… I run Joplin under a profile which stores my notes under a non-OS partition. Once I realized what happened, I pulled up a prior disk image to recover the correct shortcut info… fearing all the while that a wrong sync might lose everything.

My suggestion is that the updater would simply update the program, while leaving the application shortcuts alone.

Thank you.

I would consider using JoplinPortable instead of the full installation. Update is simply replacing a single executable in whatever path you desire.

I don’t use the full version but I know it supports selecting the path during install. Perhaps rather than updating if you want to continue the install executable you should download the full install and steer it to the path you want?

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Thanks… I’ll probably use the portable to update from now on, assuming I can install it over the full installation location.

The update was a bit of a mess using the full installer. Even though it can be pointed to an install folder, it’s launch short-cuts overwrote all my custom launch shortcuts which pointed to my db storage. In addition, I lost my WebDAV settings (personal server) and had to revisit how to set that up again.

But how different was your shortcut? Normally it’s always the same path

I couldn’t remember how to set the custom profile path, so I had to dig that out from the forum here.

The --profile, if that’s what you used, is not officially supported and really shouldn’t be used. You can use symlinks if you want to put your profile on a different location.

I’m on Windows10, how would I do that. I have the Joplin db on a data partition (not “C”).

You can use the mklink command on Windows to create a symlink. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/

So in your case if you would be something like mkdir /D "c:\Users\...." "d:\my_joplin_profile"

OK... That seems to work fine. I used /J for a hardlink. Hopefully this will withstand an update installer :grin:

It would be nice to have the option within the program to set the database outside of the OS partition (I prefer to keep that as separate as possible). Even having the Win installer default to user/documents... would be kind, as I have the "documents" folder located off "C:".

Thanks for your help. Superb program!

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