How to set profiles in Joplin?

Hello all,
I'm thinking to switch off my evernote account and move my notes to Joplin. Thats a good alternative. Kudos to all contrinutors/developers.
Is there a way to use two joplin profiles on the same machine (windows 10) the same way we would use profiles on Firefox?
I would like to use Joplin to manage "work notes" in one profile and "personal notes" in another profile.
Is this possible?
If so, is there a bit of an info to set this up?


You can use the unsupported method of defining different shortcuts with different a different --profile <path to new profile> flag. If you start it with that then it should create and use a new profile directory from the default.

Alternatively, if on windows, you can use the joplin portable application and just throw that wherever you want, when it starts it makes a new profile directory in the folder it is started in.

From what I've seen so far, if you need to swap between instances you need to quit the application entirely (i.e. if it just minimised to system tray) before it will load the second profile.

See also the GitHub thread about this:

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