Uninstall joplin on windows

Hey guys, I am using Joplin 1.0.216 on windows 10, and not the portable version.

Something is going wrong with my webdav synchronization. Even if I didn’t modify anything, I will constantly receive a message like " Updated remote items: 13. Completed: xxx/xxx/xxxx " whenever I sync with my webdav server.

I think it may has something to do with my system config? So I reinstall joplin in the hope of wiping the slate clean, and interestingly find out that the configuration and my data was not removed from my system even if I have uninstalled joplin.

Questions: where is the default data and config directories for joplin on windows 10 ? Can I just delete those directories ?

Thank you!

The settings location is at the top of the options menu.
And yes if you wipe those directories you will delete everything and joplin will recreate them as needed (with all data lost).

Thank you!