Understanding Monospace restriction

I understand that since it is based on Ace editor, there is a restriction to use the Monospace fonts alone. However, in many custom css scripts (userstyle), I have seen this being overriden by non-monospace fonts and the rendered markdown looks almost perfect. I wanted to understand two things in regards to this:

  1. What exactly does the monospace-only restriction apply to? Is it to the rendered markdown or just the editor font which is unaffected by a custom css?
  2. What happens if we override this? What is the expected disruption?

Version: Portable 1.3.18 (Windows)

  1. The monospace restriction was in place because Joplin used Ace Editor. However, Joplin has moved to CodeMirror now which means it's possible to use any font with the editor. The warning is still left as a suggestion because markdown was designed to be used with a monospace font and certains elements (check lists and tables) are pretty hard to work with in a non-monospace font. Anything that you can do in the userstyle.css is fair game though, it can't touch the editor.

  2. Most of these issues were caused by using non-monospace fonts with ace editor. (all fixed because we've upgraded to CodeMirror)


Thanks a lot. That helps a lot. What version did this move take place in?

I think it might have been v1.2.1, but I'm not sure exactly. It happened this past summer.

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Thanks a ton! This ends this issue. :slight_smile:

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