Testing - v1.8.1 - Editor Font & Editor Font Settings

  • Joplin 1.8.1 Portable
  • Windows 10 Pro x64 (VM)

Just started doing a little bit of testing on the new pre-release.

Despite the "Appearance" editor font settings stating that leaving the value empty will result in a default monospace font being used, the default is now a proportional font.


The "Appearance" settings has two fields for selecting an editor font:

  • Editor Font Family - which works
  • Editor Monospace Font Family - which does not work

After seeing the settings json file contained the values:

"style.editor.fontFamily": "",
"style.editor.monospaceFontFamily": "",

I realised that having two font selectors was intentional. "Editor font family" appears to refer to the default font for body text and "Editor monospace font family" appears to refer to editor text that has been marked as code. So this field does work but I feel that what they relate to is not exactly clear as it is currently explained on the settings page and only "Editor monospace font family" defaults to monospace.

Yes, it is this item here:

New: Add monospace enforcement for certain elements in Markdown editor (#4689 by @CalebJohn)

The monospace font family is used for:

  • Tables
  • Checkboxes
  • Code (blocks, indented, inline)

Thanks. I see it now that I know what these settings fields actually relate to :slight_smile:

Basically in my second post I was just suggesting that the text for these settings is amended before the full release so as to inform the user what they actually do. I am quite familiar with Joplin and my initial reaction to seeing the two fields was that there had been a duplication. The descriptive text did not help correct my wrong assumption, in fact the almost identical wording reinforced it!

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You're right, the wording can be better. I've created a PR to update the wording, I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions.

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Suggestion added to the PR.

How do I change the font and highlight color of the inline code?

You have to be a bit more specific. Do you mean the rendered one or the one in the editor?

Also, you should have a look at:


The ones in the Rich Text Editor when I'm typing inline codes, which should also give a similar output when I'm exporting the file to PDF.

I don't think the WYSIWYG editor can be tweaked with CSS, but I might be wrong. You probably should open a new topic and not add comments to a topic for a version which is 6 months old.