Why is the Markdown editor monospace font 'italics'

I don't understand why the editor's monospace font (which is a different font from the normal font already) has to be styled 'italics' as well?

IMHO it monospace+italics is very difficult to read and is not a good default choice.

There might be reasons for that but I don't understand them. Is there a way to change this default?

Thanks in advance.

You can chenge it in the options, under Appearance there's Editor Font Family and Editor Monospace Font Family so you can adjust both. Options are under Tools>Options on Windows, on Apple I think it's Joplin>Preferences?

Hi and thanks for your reply but I think you misunderstood my question. I am talking about the font style being italics. Not the font itself.

Changing the monospace font does not help. It stays italic. no matter which font is selected.

I would like to configure a straight font style, not italics.

That sounds like it is the font on your system that isn't working, it usually doesn't default to any kind of italics.

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Can you share a screenshot? This is not the normal behaviour of Joplin. Is it possible that you have a userstyle.css or userchrome.css that is doing this by accident?

I see the same behavior with the two themes "solarized" light and dark, but with none of the other themes.

Huh, it is actually in italics as part of that style, solarized.css:

.cm-s-solarized .cm-comment { color: #586e75; font-style:italic; }

It is at least easy to change via css, something like:

div.CodeMirror.cm-s-solarized span.cm-comment {font-style:normal !important;}

Just a comment, but italics really shouldn't be the default that is applied universally to all languages in a multilingual piece of software. The reason is that there are many alphabets/scripts where italic script simply does not exist. The prime example are the so called CJK languages, i.e. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. If you force italics on Chinese characters, they will still render, but the complex ones may become very difficult to read. If you have a look at any proper text written in one of the three languages, you will find that no italics is used there at all.

I agree but this also wasn't something written by the Joplin team, solarized.css is a codemirror theme downloaded with the rest of the codemirror node package as you can see below.

Personally I don't think it makes sense for it to be italics but that is what is in the theme, it is pretty easy to override though.

I guess nobody has really complained about it before because relatively few people use it so it hasn't come up in conversation:


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Thanks to you all for your comments, valuable opinions and help!

I added the line suggested by @Daeraxa to "Custom stylesheet for Joplin-wide app styles" and it's now not-italics! Great! Thanks a lot!

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Who is the theme author: Don't use italics for styling code boxes (in Joplin) by JOJ0 · Pull Request #6903 · codemirror/CodeMirror · GitHub

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