Unable to renew subscription

My subscription renewal failed today as the Indian regulatory authority RBI has stopped recurring payments. They want the payment gateway to use tokenisation and not store the actual credit card details. I entered my new credit card details into Stripe, entered the OTP as well but the transaction was still declined.

Can you please provide me with a direct URL to pay for my subscription?

If the bank is declining the transaction there's not much we can do on our side and you'll need to contact your bank.

There's maybe more info there to change the card details, but I think you've already tried: Joplin Cloud - Help

Laurent - can you please confirm if the subscription has been renewed or not? I see the next renewal date for 2023.

I had a similar problem with a recurring subscription for a newsletter. They provided me with a direct link to pay which worked for me.

If it's 2023 it should be fine.

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