How to restart subscription?

I started to use Joplin on desktop and Android, and paid for a subscription. I wanted to set up hosting on my own server, but was unable to, due to time constraints and it was not a straightforward operation. As I was unsuccessful, and I just had a pay cut, I cancelled my subscription, but now I would like to renew it so I can synchronise notes across my devices.

However, when I try to renew, I get this message:
Your account is disabled for the following reason(s):

"Subscription cancelled on 27 Dec 22 14:58:12 (UTC)
Please check the help section for further information or contact support."

I could not find anything helpful in the help section, and all efforts end up going round in circles. So, please can you assist me in enabling my account and pointing me to a method of payment?

Best wishes

Hello, you just need to subscribe again from Joplin Cloud Plans | Joplin using the same email address, and that will reactivate your account. If that doesn't work please let me know

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Hi Laurent,
Thanks for explaining. Might be helpful if it says something like that on the page the 'account disabled' notice was on?

OK, I got my account running again. Hopefully I can sync all my stuff now. If I get it wrong, is there a risk it will disappear? There's a LOT of really important notes now - lives will be affected.

Should I back it up somehow before I try the synchronisation?

Apologies if there's something I should have read up on first - not being lazy, just not enough time.. and I appreciate your help.

It seems to be syncing..

All sorted.

Thank you for helping

If it's very important notes, I'd recommend installing the backup plugin, as that would take care of saving the notes for you. Alternatively, you could export everything yourself as a JEX file, so that you have a copy somewhere

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Thank you for helping, I did actually get it all sorted, and it's really helpful, thank you!

Best wishes

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