Ubuntu Linux, Joplin desktop will not open first time, but after force quit it will open fine

Operating system


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Desktop version info

Joplin 2.13.8 (prod,linux)
Revision 604dcbc35
Ubuntu snap information: 42 latest/stable James-Carroll*

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What issue do you have?

After a reboot when I first try to open Joplin Desktop the window does not appear, but it does show in the sidebar with a dot next to it (implying it is open, but none of my 4 desktop spaces shows it).

If I right click the icon and choose Quit, then open it again it opens fine, no problem, and is perfectly stable until next time I need to reboot to install Ubuntu updates.

Please note that this is NOT a big deal, I just thought I would report it in case there was a work-around. Even if there is no fix or work-around it does NOT significantly impact my use of Joplin. Thanks for a great product!



Log file

Joplin_Log_for_time_period_involved.txt (27.2 KB)

This issue should be fixed by this pull request:

Thank you for reporting this!

You are very welcome. Apparently I included sufficient information to identify the cause (this was my first bug report). Happy Holidays!

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