Turn off the prompt to resize image

Super annoying each time I import an image on Joplin it will ask me if I want to resize or not.

Add an option in the settings so that we can select the default behavior for christ's sake.

I keep my own branch that adds exactly that. I've been having this setting for more than a year now.

I force push a lot thus I can't tell you a commit hash. The commit is among the last 10 in that branch with the message: add setting: image.noresizing

You should be able to cherry-pick that commit.

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You really have time to write comments like this ? Tell me, pal, ... in which city you live, I 'll see if I can find the time to go and see your suburban late night satire show ... the crowd must be howling each night.

If you had to point the mouse each time to get rid of the dialog box, I 'd may be see the point. But a simple esc command is all it takes to close the dialog box - did you notice ?

@tessus thanks I appreciate it I'll take a look at your branch. Maybe you have other cool tweaks in there

@ajay Is this a joke? Do you have some sort of cognitive limitation? When is the last time that you got laid? Are you aware that if I want to drag and drop 10 images I'll have to press 10 times escape?

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