Disable picture resizing question

Is it possible to disable the question to reduce the size of the pasted picture to 1920 pixels?


+1. I think handleResizeImage_ already supports a resizeLargeImages parameter (joplin/shim-init-node.js at 42c80e6e286356a3f1da7982c16c509144c47e13 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub), it's just that it is always called with 'ask' (joplin/resourceHandling.ts at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub). So we just need to add an item in the preferences to allow selecting the default behavior.

AFAIK Laurent already added code that only big pictures >5000x5000 are resized.

However, before he did that I added my own paramter to settings that does exactly that. Since I force push that branch, the commits won't stay the same. Thus it's best to look for the commit named add setting: image.noresizing in branch tweaks GitHub - tessus/joplin at tweaks.
You should be able to cherry-pick it.

Hello tessus,
unfortunately I am not familiar with branches etc.
Would it be possible to "just" implement it as a setting in the next release so one can change it globally?

I don't believe that Laurent wants that option in Joplin. (I brought that up with him a long time ago.)

Which is the reason why I created my own branch.