How to disable this message?

I really love this software
But it has a problem that has troubled me for a long time
Whenever I copy and paste a big picture party
I'll be asked
You are about to attach a large image (1318x2048 pixels).Would you like to resize it down to 1920 pixels before attachingit?
How do I close this query?
I just want to put the original picture in

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AFAIK there is no option to disable the dialog. Reference: Poll: add an image resize option?

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I need to repeat closing this question and answer about 30 times a day

So it looks like the past year hasn't fixed the issue

In the next year, this function should not be added to solve my troubles, right?

Does anyone know how to use this?

This seems to solve my problem
but i use the green zip version

Oh yes, I feel for you.
I don't hit that 30 times a day but evey single time is painful.

I wish there would be the options:

  • always resize
  • never resize
  • always ask (this is the current behavior)

I would use always resize because I don't use Joplin as a photo App so as long as I can read, I am fine. Other users may have the need to keep huge images though.

I think the issue could be solved for BOTH usages if Joplin could consider:

  • insert image/media (implying an auto resize and a media that Joplin can preview)
  • insert an attachement (no resize and random extensions such as .zip, .ppt, etc...)

This would remove the annoyance, keep DBs small while still allowing to insert this one time very specific huge image you need full in there.

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In fact, I only need a function
Please don't keep caring about my size
I just want to put it in
I am currently researching how to solve this problem by other methods using other versions

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