Poll: add an image resize option?

Do you want an Image Resize option in the configuration screen?
  • Yes (Options: Always, Never, Ask)
  • No

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I'm thinking of no longer allowing these "Do you want X?" polls because of course the answer will always be "yes", but that doesn't mean anything.

Each feature request needs to be put in relation to other feature requests, as well as our priorities, the maintenance cost and who can write down the spec, implement it and review the code.

Also please consider what would happens if every time someone wants something they were bumping six old threads.


Well, in this case I'd be coding it and maintaining it. Also, I only referenced these old issues to make it perfectly clear that it has been asked for in the timespan of SEVERAL years.

In this case the poll anser No also means I don't care, which is why I did not list it as separate answer.

The fact is that the reason for not adding too many options was to not confuse people and pick a great default. But as we can see this is not what people want (in this situation), which is why I started this poll.

Why? If people really wanted less options, they'd vote with no.

This is wrong. If you don't need it, you may not pay attention to it at all. The statistics of dozens of individual cases are not very meaningful.

That being said, this option might indeed be necessary, I have a 2k/4k screen, and it would be really annoying to be reminded every time I paste a screenshot. Of course, I am not affected at the moment, because I directly use the api to upload resources to bypass this prompt

Hmm, you might be right. I was thinking of how I (and people I usually interact with) approach such things.

Although I am at a loss as to how to improve this poll. Also, changing the options will invalidate the current votes.

Still not ok. There are other issues that came up many times over the years, and if everybody was doing the same the forum would be a mess.

Ok. I am going to take a break from this project. I also won't be available as a mentor for GSoC.

I am closing this poll and this topic.


Hopefully it doesn't have to come to this but it's up to you of course, we're still glad to have you as a mentor if you decide to stay. This kind of thread and the related topic bumps put pressure on me to be honest, and as a result I realise I didn't express myself in the nicest way.

My point was that we generally don't want users to bump old threads, and we need to discuss how useful those "do you want X" polls are, and whether they help the project or not.