Trouble Transferring All Notebooks from Dropbox

Operating system


Joplin version


Sync target


What issue do you have?

I have three notebooks that I was able to pull from Dropbox, but I can't get the rest of them on my Kindle Fire tablet.


Especially when notebooks contain a large number of notes, it can take a while for all notebooks to show up. (Joplin currently doesn't sync notebooks first).

It's possible that Joplin is still syncing and, if left open for a while, the notebooks will appear.

Navigating to "Configuration" > "Tools" > "Sync status" may show more information about what has and what hasn't been synced.

Thank you. I've hit synchronize and then it stops with a note, indicating the time and date, that says it's completed.

If I can get these recipe notes on my tablet to display when I'm in the kitchen, I would be so happy.

Missing notes might still be available under "All notes" or through search — try searching for the title of one of the notes.

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