Tray icon for Cinnamon?


I was wondering, i installed the normal (not flatpak or snap or appimage) version through Linux Mint Software Manager and was wondering since i didn't find any option, is there a way to minimize to the tray?

To date the "normal" or official way to install Joplin has actually been to use the install script to download and install the AppImage.

Unless whoever has created the Joplin app Flatpak for inclusion in the Mint Software Manager has for some reason removed it, the ability to minimise to tray is under Tools > Options > Application.

EDIT: Just tested a Linux Mint Cinnamon VM and Joplin minimises to the tray using the above options.

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thanks, don't know why i didn't see that. I'll use the appimage next time then, they're awesome.

@dpoulton : your comment made me wonder.

Up to now I didn't see much of a difference between using the appimage from the official site and the Flatpack, and since Flatpack is regularly checked with the Mint updater that seemed more comfortable to me.
Your statement makes me wonder who exactly is responsible for supplying Flatpack with the current version of Joplin; is that not coming from the official distributor?
You make it sound like some third party ("whoever ... ") is supplying Flatpack which would certainly make me prefer the official Joplin site; can anyone enlighten me here?


I guess that there is a limit to how many different platforms / installer types that Joplin itself can support before the time spent on that impedes the ability to maintain and progress the application itself.
Therefore many people step in and do that work. This is why there is a Flatpak and also why you can run Joplin Server on a Raspberry Pi (to name but two).

This post has some more information.


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