Transferring a whole note inc. images to OneNote?

I am using Joplin For Desktop Version 1.3.18 with Windows 10.

I used Joplin for a lot of my college notes and have over 100 notes. I'm transferring back to OneNote (OneNote for Windows 10) for ease of having all my notes in one place. I can copy all the text just fine from Joplin to OneNote, but having trouble with copying and pasting images.

If I try to copy all the note content (text + images) from the Markdown Editor it will only paste the text.

I have to export my notes into a HTML format and copy my images individually from that HTML... but I have so many images and screenshots in my Joplin notes. Is there an easier way to mass transfer my notes along with the images in an easier way? Any suggestions would be appreciated, willing to try things out!

Thank you very much

ref: Has anyone migrated Joplin data into the Notion app? - #5 by rxliuli

I'm just spitballing here, but maybe you could use an external editor?
I haven't tried this (because I won't bother with OneNote), but maybe if you registered something that can copy-paste everything including images, then opened the note with it and copy-pasted...?

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