Copy images from joplin

Joplin 2.1.9
Windows 10

I have used onenote for some time, and have had remarkable trouble when attempting to utilize or take new notes on any linux devices. I have found Joplin and so far love the UI and how everything works, although there is a piece that I feel is missing or that I am overlooking, or simply cannot google well enough to find where this has been resolved.

I work in the tech field and am required to document my notes, I do so using onenote in the past, now joplin... After I am finished with service calls I copy the notes from onenote/joplin to a web documentation site some of you may know called ITGlue.

With onenote, I had to first copy my notes from onenote, in to Word, then copy from word in to ITG to maintain proper formatting and inline images.

With Joplin, I am unable to copy to where the copy includes the inline images.

Is this a feature of Joplin? Is there a plugin that might assist me? Or is there an alternative way I can accomplish this?


answered my own question,

Switch to RTF editor, copy from there, this copy includes inline images.

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