Is it possible to show the complete source in the tool tip?
Or is it possible to make the “source window” bigger?

I was searching fo an entry using the tag list, because of the limitted space (display) I had some trouble to find the right note and notebook.

A “Goto notebook function” may be a good idea, when I’m searching for notes.

All the best



Hi @Marvin,
To search for a “notebook”, you need to type the ‘@’ character to display the notebooks list.
Is this what you want?

Hi @betternote,

not really. As you can see, the “path to the note” in the tooltip is not shown completly. Even the “IN:xxx” box does not show the complete path. It would help me if the path is shown completly.

Otherwise, a direct possibility to go to the notebook could be a good idea.


OK, I understand now.
I’d never kept attention to the tooltips, because most of the time, I reach to notes (less than 500 at the moment) directly: notebook>title or tag.
So, I think a full path tooltip would be more convenient.

Click on it.

Hello @tessus,

Thanks. I didn`t realize.