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Now that I have more a more documents written in Joplin, because is a wonderful tool that I enjoy to use, I have a feature request that will make my life a bit easier, and potentially other people’s life too.

I’m talking about the search functionality, that works like a charm, but when you have a notebook structure like mine, is a bit of a mess:

  • Technologies
    • Java
      • Documentation
      • Examples
    • Python
      • Documentation
      • Examples
  • Work
    • Task
      • Documentation

If you see in the example above, there are multiple “Documentation” notebooks, and when I use the search box, it shows in the result that the selected note belongs to the “Documentation” notebook, but I don’t know which one is the root folder, so then I have to go through all the notebooks manually searching for it.

I think it should be quite easy to implement to show the whole notebook path like:
Technologies > Java > Documentation

Is this something reachable?



I am affected by this as well. I have repeated notes in a similar way so that searches for those terms are very confusing exactly as described in this. I essentially just accepted it and never search for those terms which I admit is a terrible solution and I would much rather it display the full path like you suggest. :smiley:

I like that it does show the direct folder it is in but if it showed the full path it would be much better for context checking.

and as an extra goal, if the path could be clickable, it would be great!


That would be great. I’d really like Joplin to have a way of quickly getting to the notebook that holds a note found by searching. It’s a feature I often used in Evernote.

I like the idea. It should be rather easy to get the full path. But I am not sure how to make it clickable. I’m not good with UI stuff.

@laurent, would you accept a PR that shows the full notebook path?

A clickable Path would be a great relief. Sometimes it takes me a long time to find the location of a note.

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This has already been added to the code by @laurent and will be available in the next release.
It doesn’t show the full path though, but when you click on it the folder and note is opened.

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Clickable path and Go to Anything in 1.0.142 are super. Joplin is getting better and better. Great work!

This feature is now available but finding the full path can still be difficult in a many level tree. I suggest that this option also expand and/or move the tree in the notebook pane until the chosen sub-notebook is visable. Other options might be:
for another click on the same pad triggers the expansion
for another click to briefly open a “tooltip” with the full path

Well, the folder is selected, but for some reason the parent folders are not expanded. IMO this worked at one point. So this seems like a regression. Please open a gh issue to track this.
The tree should have been expanded at the first click.

@tessus Sorry… I’m a 73 y.o. newbie to this with limited idea what a “gh issue” is and how to open one. A quick search shows you are the only one on this forum that uses the term.

I’m guessing that’s a “gethub” thing but …

Ok, no worries. A lot of people in this forum also have a github id. That's why I've suggested it.
It seems you don't, so I'll open the ticket.
But IMO this is a bug, so it should be fixed - hopefully soon. :wink:

I'm reviving this, as the OP's post perfectly hits my use case.

Looking to be able to see the full path of items returned in a search.

Use case is almost exactly the same as OP: Multiple repeatable file tree structures with many notes named the same thing.

There are times when I need to edit (usually paste) an item into a subset of items returned in a search. If search returns:

  • Documentation
  • Documentation
  • Documentation
  • Documentation

It would be very helpful to have a way of knowing what the full path is to each note titled 'Documentation' without having to click through.

2 ideas:

  • Add path as option in search result right click content menu
  • Add path to 'Note Properties' modal box

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