How to find the notebook of a note


  1. you search e.g. with CTRL+P for something and get a list of notes
  2. you click on a note and what to know in which notebook this note is saved
    -> bummer this info seems to be not visible

This sounds so simple but it seems not to exist. Has anyone an idea how to get the assigned notebook of a note. Or do I need to write a feature request for a breadcrub path?

Thanks a lot

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You can just open the sidebar ?

If you search with Ctrl+F you have the path that appears under the title of the note.


You can just open the sidebar ?
Yes and no.

The notebook is somewhere but in a huge list of notebooks > 200 how do you know in which to look?
The note does not tell you.

actually I just found out:
when you click in the bottom of a not on a tag (only available when the note has tag!) then you get in the top bar the notebook which again you can click on to get to the notebook.

This is a kind of solution, it would be nice to not depend on the existence of a tag but this can be worked around.

Any thoughts and other workarounds are welcome.


But with Ctrl+P you can see the complete path :thinking:

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True, good point for CTRL+P
the gap only remains for untagged notes which are just opened somewhere

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I get your point, I ran into a similar issue some time ago. However I don't really like the idea of putting another bar to the top with the "absolute path" of the note, as it would just clutter the my opinion it should be put into the note properties.


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