Tool to convert externally stored resources to "data:image" inline?

I am trying to transition from evernote, which I used for a very long time (decade plus.)
The import process seemed to get all the notes (or enough I could fix it up), but EVERY image resource ends up in a file.
I have 58 thousand such files - 20 thousand of them less than 1k bytes long, mostly holding tiny irrelevent elements of web pages.
And then joplin makes 58 thousand more files (in sync dir) with meta data for these resources.

The total volume of data is no big thing, at least for a PC. But the very large number of files really slows down write sync data, copying that data to other machines, and so forth.

Today I discovered that the joplin web clipper inlines at least some of these images using "data:image/..... base64..."

Is there some way to get the import tool (for .enex files) to behave the same way? Better yet, is there a tool that will will retroactively apply this change (in say a .md export directory that could then be imported?)

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