Export to single HTML files (not with "_resources" directory)

Hi there, may I ask how I can export my notes at Joplin into single HTML files (with png or jpg embedded within) rather than HTML files whose such resources are located separately in the "_resources" directory?

If that is not possible by default, is there a way for me to change these files into the single HTML files that I need? Many thanks.

(Using Windows 10, Joplin 1.7.11)

Hi @terence,
an image is a file never embedded in a html file. An image is an independent binary object, referenced by its path within the html code.

The little I know let me think that only an SVG file encoded in the html file allows what you want.

You can embed images in an img tag with <img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,...> but I have never used this option.

Hi betternote and Jack, thanks for your replies. Is there a way for me to batch-convert thousands of html files whose images are stored externally into base64 html files? Thanks again.

Thank you @JackGruber
The first step is to convert the image to base 64. Not easy.
I discovered that there are binary to text converters online, but also in MacOS, so probably in Linux too.

Command line: man base64

picture.png -o ~/Desktop/myfile.txt

NB : the output file is huge.
For me, the Windows are closed :slight_smile:

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