Tool to annotate images?

I wonder if anyone here knows a good tool to annotate images? I used to use Photoshop CS6 but since it no longer works on macOS I switched to Affinity, however I found it's not very good for this. I've checked Pencil too but looks like it's discontinued.

I'm sure there must be some good software for this but can't find anything. Ideally open source of course but a reasonably priced app would be fine too. Any suggestion?

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I've used Inkscape (and GIMP) before but its not something I've used very often. Main benefit is that its free and open source but I can't really comment on how suitable it might be.

Have you tried annotating in Preview (shift + command + A) ?

Hi @laurent

Personally, I use ksnip a lot which is "Qt-based cross-platform". It's thought by screenshots but you can import images in it and it works very well (linux/win in my use).

If you use IRFANVIEW a comment (annotation??) can be easily added to any .JPG using shortcut shift-control-M

Thanks for the info. Eventually I found that Apple Notes is actually the most convenient for this on macOS. It has the same tools as Preview but also allows modifying the annotations afterwards (unlike Preview which saves the annotations direclty to the image).