Screen Capture Tool

I use joplin for study notes, Often I find the use to insert some long mathematical expression. Although latex is supported but It would be great if I could directly capture part of screen and insert is as an image in markdown.
This feature is similar to web clipper but rather than it clips screen.

Why not use the built-in capture tool of your operating system? You can make it copy the screen or part of it to clipboard, then paste it in a note. There are good built-in tools for this at least on Windows and macOS, and duplicating these functionalities in Joplin would be out of scope.

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Thank you, for mentioning I didn’t knew copy pasting image worked in Joplin.


As an aside, if you are a Windows user Greenshot is a FOSS capture tool I have found useful. You can capture direct to its editor and then add effects, numbers, annotations, highlights, blur etc. You can then copy from there (or save) and paste into Joplin.