Toggle Vim Mode With Keyboard Shortcut

Joplin 2.4.12 (prod, win32)
Windows 10

Is there a way to create a custom keyboard shortcut to toggle between Vim mode and default? Or is the only way to create your own codes/plugin?

Generally if there is a command palette option for it you can assign it in the keymaps file but it appears that keyboard mode isn't a command option so I don't think you can, no.

Why, there is no reason to toggle vim mode :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ok, now seriously ..."insert vim mode" behaves like the standard mode in Joplin, you can do the copy n paste stuff etc. pp.
The only difference is

  • you can enter "normal" mode
  • and "command" mode

So I don't get the benefit of toggling (I'm using Linux, but this shouldn't make any difference).

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@Daeraxa alright thanks for the advice

@theCollectiv recently I found out about the immediate cause why the default shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S/L (to "focus" on side bar and notes list) didn't work last time. If I hide the sidebar and the notes list by pressing F10 and F11, then un-hide it again with the same keys, the Ctrl+Shift+S/L is deactivated.

I thought it was because I used Vim and Vim has some key mapped to the aforementioned keys that I didn't know.

The shortcut keys for focusing to notes list and sidebar works again if I turned off the app and started it up again.

Do you think this is a bug? or an intended purpose?

I didnt use these shortcuts. I now tried them but didnt test too much; I couldnt reproduce your error. The only time when it was not working, was when "toggling the editor layout". In the "advanced/rich text" Editor layout, vimkeys not working and some of the shifting-focus-hotkeys eiter.

ctrl shift +s/n/b/l : Do what they supposed to do (in both modes vim/normal) in normal editor layout (split window with preview).

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