Toggle panels vs Toggle features - change / add keyboard shortcut

This was brought up the other day here: Same Shortcut for different actions - #3 by Glint_Eye, but it has become more apparent the more plugins I have.

Currently command + option + L and S toggle the note list and sidebar. This is awesome, and I use it all the time. Recently I added plugins above / below those features, and now I realize the limitation of the current keyboard shortcut.

Would it be possible to expose (or change) the toggle keyboard shortcuts so that they affect the panel vs the feature?

How about a simple plugin where you can group different toggle commands in the settings, which are then executed via one plugin command? These commands you can assign keyboard shortcuts then.

In the settings this could look like:

Toggle Command Group 1 = toggleSideBar, favsToggleVisibility
Toggle Command Group 2 = toggleSideBar, toggleNoteList, favsToggleVisibility, tabsToggleVisibility
Toggle Command Group N = ...

The commands of the plugin could look like: toggleCommandGroup<N> where N is the number of the group from settings.

I've already tested to toggle other plugin commands from a plugin... this seems to work.


I read this paragraph twice - no joy ! Can you explain what it means when youadd a plug-in above and below keyboard commands ... and then see a limitation of a shortcut ? I am sure you wrote it with best intentions.

It was already a bit late when I wrote this.... I'll try again :wink:

Long story short... with this plugin you should be able to toggle the visibility of multiple panels with one command, i.e. one keyboard shortcut. Which panels are toggled by this commmand can be configured.

For example you would be able to toggle the visibility of ALL panels with one shortcut like command + option + t. All you have to do is specify the list of "toggle" commands in the settings for Toggle Command Group 1 and assign the keyboard shortcut to its corresponding command toggleCommandGroup1.

For usability there can be multiple of these groups to handle several scenarios, like:

  • Group 1 = toggle all panels
  • Group 2 = toggle panels in column one (left most column)
  • etc.

Haha... now I see this wasn't addressed to my comment... well then I just described it again :sweat_smile:

(@benji300 you can add "mind reader" to your resume :wink: )

@ajay I think @benji300 explained it well, but here's another shot just in case:

My Joplin has 3 panels, A, B, C
A = Notebooks
B = Notes List
C = Note

I added the Outline Plugin to Panel B, below the Notes List.

Before, Command + Option + L appeared to close Panel B, but in reality it was only toggling the Notes List. So when I use that keyboard shortcut now, I still have 3 panels. It no longer hides Panel B.

Since I use these shortcuts to put my app in "focus mode" (aka only viewing the note I am writing), these keyboard shortcuts no longer help me.

This solution as a plugin seems like a good workaround, although I think it would be a good change to the default version.

I came here because of the same problem (outline plugin right under the Notes List --> F11 only toggles the note list, but outline stays visible and cannot be toggled).

The proposed solution here would solve my use-case.

What I originally wanted to propose would be the possibility to create additional shortcuts that toggle the visibility of one or more individual panels. Then I could create a setup like this:

  • default: F10 toggles Notebook list, F11 toggles Notes List
  • individual shortcuts:
    • my-key-combination-a toggles the outline plugin panel
    • my-key-combination-b toggles the tabs plugin panel
    • my-key-combination-c toggles Notebook list, Notes list and outline panel
    • ...

Note: I'm using "panel" to refer to the rectangle in which some content is displayed, like they are visible when using the layout view. Not completely sure about the distinction panel vs. feature that was made above.

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