Same Shortcut for different actions

Hey everyone,

I wonder if it would be possible to assign multiple commands to the same shortcut in future versions?

Especially with the arrival of more plugins which add more panels to the app, it will start to get cumbersome to have a shortcut to hide/view each seperate panel if you want to concentrate on writing or just need some more space.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone.


I don't understand this. You can have more than one shortcut for the same action, but not the other way around.

Exactly :slight_smile:

well I guess there's not really much use cases for it. now that i think of it.

Maybe I should have rephrased the thread as a request for a shortcut to hide/show all panels except note body.

anyways. thanks :slight_smile:


One way to do that yourself is to use an external scripting program like AutoHotKey. So your AHK hotkey sends Joplin shortcut to hide panel 1, then sends Joplin shortcut to hide panel 2, etc.

+1 for this, would be great.

I used to use command + L and command + s to quickly hide everything, but now that i have a plugin that shares a column with the notelist, this no longer works.

Maybe a simple first step is to expose a "toggle X" for each plugin? or each panel?

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