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I have 6000 notes imported from Evernote. I have about 100 with reminders or to-do dates. How do I sort by DUE DATE to see what is coming soon? This seems a reasonable ask for a note-taker. All the posts regarding this point are already closed

Due dates don't exist in Joplin unless you treat alarms as due dates. Also, this feature request thread seems pertinent to your ask: Feature request: ToDo Expiration Dates For Sorting

Here are some ideas:

Install the Note Overview plugin and create a note with this Note Overview code (adapted to your needs). You can then pin that note for visibility. Options include plugins like Favorites or Note Tabs, using tags, or prepending a notebook title with punctuation (_title, .title, etc.) so it appears topmost then placing the note there.

Set alarms for each todo (if they aren't already set). Joplin sorts todo notes with alarms by due date regardless of the note sort order.

Prepend ISO 8601 or similar sortable date formats to todo note titles for better discoverability.

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