Add priority/sort feature for to-do's

It would be nice to be able to add priorities to features and then be able to sort by priorities. When you end up with a large to-do list, it would help to be able to sort more critical tasks first. Another thought on this subject would be the ability to just drag and reorder to-do’s in order of priority.

I considered using tags, but that doesn’t really let me see all my tasks at once, as some tasks may be blocked and I didn’t want to have to keep switching tags.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I concur with the previous and would like to add: I wish Joplin allowed me to see all my todos from all notebooks (discussed here) and order them according to their due date.

For now, I use Nextcloud tasks. It allows hierarchies (of todos and their subtodos). If I could replicate this feature, I would quit using a separate tasks-app and let Joplin handle even this function in my daily life.

EDIT: Found out that all the upcoming alarms show at the end of the page in Settings in Sync status. Great! Just hope it was in a more accessible place, maybe as the first thing on that very same status page.