Title font size behaviour changed in 1.0.193

i recently updated to joplin version 1.0.193 and the update was successful, yet my problem with the update is the text size change for the TITLES as this change has made the titles far larger than they were in the previous update and there is no way that i know of to make this smaller / change it back to the way it was before (way smaller)

can i please receive a fix for this because if there is no proper fix as of now i would like to find out how to revert to the previous version where the title font size was far smaller

thank you

You may be able to change the size using css:


it works, thank fucking god; disabling joplin updates from now on because of having to deal with such a headache (i really don’t know who decided to make the title the size of a building and consider it a better idea but oh well)

thank you too, sincerely @mic704b

Next time please use a descriptive title, like: “Title font size behaviour changed in 1.0.193”


Re-titled post as there is a solution which may help others.